Outdoor Living

Due to landscape demands in our service area we will be unable to take on projects under $5000. If you have questions regarding the cost of your project please request an estimate. Provide as much information as possible. Pictures are very helpful and should be emailed to [email protected] or call 512-553-5296 Ext 2

Awnings, Decor, and Hardscapes

Many of our customers use a combination of landscaping and hardscaping to best complement their property. We can use the man-made elements of landscape architecture, such as paths, masonry, and woodwork to enhance your property. Some include: Decks, Walkways, Lighting, Patios, Stone walls, Fire pits, Waterfalls, and Pool areas

Stoves and Grills

These appliances are the heart of an outdoor kitchen. We will source the perfect high-quality appliances with the best warranty to ensure performance and longevity. If you aren’t sure what type of appliances you want, we can go over all your options. Once all the appliances are on location construction will begin. This will ensure a perfect fit for every element in the kitchen with a set of doors below to allow access to a gas shut-off valve or propane tanks.

Many customers also choose an outdoor refrigerator and sink. At Paul’s Lawn and Landscape, we can make your outdoor kitchen a dream come true.

Outdoor Lighting

Let us help your home shine with customized outdoor lighting.  We can help by installing all types of path lighting, spotlighting, inground, deck lighting and more.  Lighting not only showcases your home and landscape but also serves as an extra level of safety and security.  Adding light by steps, pools and outdoor living areas allows you to utilize these areas even after the sun goes down. 

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